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Alex Brown

Coaching Method: Online  |  Sport: Football  |  Club: Buxton FC / Kings Lynn FC

Since working with Liam I feel my performance on the pitch and in the gym has improved massively. Focussing on both power and strength, whilst also taking into consideration work and training by planning session intensities around that. Liam also has given me great advice on how to fuel for games and recover after. I have continued to work with Liam leading up to and during lockdown. He adapted my programme seamlessly to allow me to still get sessions in with my home equipment. He worked extremely hard to make sure my session were never boring and added different aspects of training to allow me to make progress with no access to a gym. Liam also added in conditioning, speed and change of direction sessions to allow me to stay as sharp as possible and ready to go back to pre season when it is safe to do so. I would recommend any non-league player to get in touch with Liam if you’re looking to take your game to the next level

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Fraser Horsfall

Coaching Method: Online  |  Sport: Football  |  Club: Macclesfield Town

The Senior Performance programme helped me achieve my goal of becoming stronger in my lower body and gain muscle but also stay lean which would improve my performance on the pitch. Filling in each day on the TrueCoach app helped me keep up to date on my workouts and it was very easy to use. Also the nutrition booklet was a massive help, there's loads of ideas for meals to cook, before and after games. After the 8 weeks of training I was stronger and more powerful and it showed in my performances on the pitch. I’d highly recommend Senior Performance Training to anyone.

Jack Rice

Coaching Method: In person  |  Sport: Football

 I started working with Liam low on confidence after suffering with a long term undiagnosed knee injury, after having a 1-1 consultation Liam put a detailed programme together specifically to suit my goals, Liams attention to detail in our sessions together was first class. He really helped me regain my confidence to exercise again and generally feel good about myself, I was stronger, moving pain free and could see the physical results. I still continue to do the work we did together in my own gym sessions. He is a fantastic coach and I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Dominic Oates

Coaching Method: In person  |  Sport: Cricket  

I started working with Liam in the lead up to the 2019 cricket season in order to improve performance and gain a competitive edge. It was great to think about training in a different way, functionality and tailoring gym work to be specific to cricket. The focus was on strength, explosiveness and muscular endurance, as well as building in coordination and balance with single arm and single leg work. As the season arrived I found myself feeling like I could run faster, throw further and able to hit the ball harder. This led to scoring 200 plus runs in the first 2 games of the season. Unfortunately family and work commitments along with a lot of wet weather didn’t allow much continuity and numbers fell away slightly after such an impressive start. Nevertheless it showed me that the right preparation can provide no end of benefits to your sporting performance and Liam gave me the skills and knowledge to achieve these results.

Richard Crawshaw

Coaching Method: In person & Online  |  Sport: Rugby League

I have been very impressed with the personal training Liam has provided. I had one face-to-face session with him before the lockdown was introduced and have been accessing a bespoke online programme since then. I have seen a lot of progress in all the areas which I identified with Liam as being areas I wanted to improve. He has taken into account injuries and niggles and changed the programme quickly to suit my needs based on videos and my verbal feedback, as well as keeping workouts varied and challenging. I can't wait to get back into the gym and playing rugby to see my progress. I highly recommend Liam's service!

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Warley Cricket Club

Coaching Method: In person  |  Sport: Cricket 

We started our preseason fitness training with Liam on the 28th of January. Having 4 sessions, each an hour long. We worked on specific muscle groups that are key for the sport and improving fitness so we were ready for the season . The boys found it hard the first couple of sessions but were feeling the benefits and by the end everyone felt that they had progressed and the sessions were successful. We planned on extending our classes with Liam but unfortunately with the Coronavirus outbreak it was not possible.

Luddendenfoot Cricket Club

Coaching Method: In person  |  Sport: Cricket 

In the lead up to the 2019 season Liam tailored a detailed training programme for us before we began our winter nets , It focused on the improving  movements you put your body through whilst playing cricket. Liam led the group through a variety of exercises over the 6 week period. Motivation levels were kept high throughout and I feel Liam's knowledge of the sport really helped engage the group and enabled to the sessions to be successful. We were crowned champoins at the end of the season gaining promotion in the process.

Heath RUFC

Coaching Method: In person  |  Sport: Rugby Union

Heath RUFC. Liam undertook pre season training for the 2019-2020 season. We started with 4 weeks of indoor sessions followed by 6 weeks of outdoor weights and fitness training at our home ground. Liam varied each session up whilst focusing on drills that would benefit us over the upcoming rugby season. He was able to push the squad to their limits in order to achieve the goals we set for the beginning of the season. Liam was also able to show his flexibility when asked at the last minute to include more fitness drills within the sessions as we neared the start of the season. Liam took this all within his stride and was able to continue with his varied sessions. During the season the club were one of the fittest teams across the league and both teams ended the shortened season with promotion

Halifax Ladies

Coaching Method: In person  |  Sport: Hockey

As a club we were very impressed with the  pre season sessions, they were all planned to a high standard and related to hockey which was fantastic! Liam pushed all the ladies at the right pace which kept motivation levels high. Having spoken to the ladies away from the sessions they all spoken very highly of Liam and said he progresses the sessions at the right speed and gave individual advice when needed. 

It was great that the ladies could work at their own speed and could always ask for assistance if needed. Liam corrected technique which was great to see, to limit the chance of injury both during the session and whilst playing, Liam offered support to players who were coming back from injury offering alternative exercises to accommodate their needs.

Another comment from the ladies and myself was the price, and having spoken with some members of the hockey club already. They are very keen for Liam to work with us again after Christmas. 

Overall we have 25 very happy and fitter players who are ready for the season ahead.


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